The kinds of hair dryer

Time:2018-02-08 12:00:00

1, according to the using way to points, have a handheld and wall-mounted hair dryer. Wall-mounted hair dryer can be used on a table or hang on the wall, you can giveyourself.
2, according to the air supply way points, there is centrifugal dryer and axial hair dryer. Centrifugal motor drive the blades rotating, made into hair dryer aircentrifugal inertial force, constantly to the outside wind. Its

shortcoming is to drain the wind didn't all through the motor, the motor temperature is higher;Advantage is the noise is low. Axial motor to drive the blades rotating, push into the hair dryer air axial flow, constantly into wind outside. It advantage is to getrid of all the wind flowing through the motor, the motor cooling conditions, the insulation is not easy to aging; Its disadvantage is that the noise is larger.
3, according to the shell materials, with metal type hair dryer and plastic type hair dryer. Metal type hair dryer durable, can withstand higher temperatures. Hair
dryer light weight plastic type, insulation performance is good, but easy to aging, and high temperature resistant performance is poor.

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