The classification of electric plywood

Time:2018-02-08 12:00:00

1) straight hair apparatus according to the heating element of different can be divided into ceramic heating element, PTC heating element and heat wire heater. Ceramicheating element has the advantage of environmental protection, heating up fast, usually 30 seconds to 45 seconds can make plywood surface temperature of 200 degrees.
But due to the ceramic heating element is above 1000 degrees high temperature sintering, the temperature after the circuit is out of control, will quickly more than300 degrees, it will burn out the fixed hot plate plastic material, make the heating plate, is likely to come into contact with the user, and burns the skin.
PTC is a Positive Temperature Coefficient, Positive Temperature Coefficient, is the translation of PTC thermistor for short. PTC is sintered at high Temperature, butwhen the highest Temperature can be sintered on the surface of the control, according to the requirement of the manufacturer, can turn a to 280 a on the surface, ormanufacturer of any Temperature, general is sintered to 230 degrees to 280 degrees. But it disadvantage is that the slower rate of warming to 200 degrees, usually in aminute and a half or 2 minutes. Plus in use, can't keep like ceramic heating element at a high Temperature. The effect of the straight hair a little.
2) straight hair apparatus according to the heating plate material is different, can be divided into: pure ceramic heating plate, ceramic glaze spraying the surface ofthe aluminum plate, crystallite glass plate
Ceramic heating plate has the advantage of environmental protection, insulation performance is good, good security, the disadvantage is that processing cycle is long,
the processing link, and due to the very smooth edge is hard to deal with, in the process of straightening the hair to slightly pulling hair. Spray aluminum ceramicglaze has the advantage of easy production, and also due to mechanical forming, the edge is very smooth, not pulling my hair. Due to the ceramic glaze surface is
basin, pull hair effect is very good also. The disadvantage is that because it is metal, itself is not insulation, insulation for internal heating element, and toavoid the leakage cause safe hidden trouble.
Microcrystalline glass application less, mainly is the surface smooth degree is inferior to the ceramic glaze, also not easy forming fixed, want to redesign theproduct structure.
3) straight iron to distinguish from the structure, generally divided into two kinds of V and X type, early popular X, but V more popular this year. Because V not onlycan straighten hair, straight and streamlined appearance, can also be used to curl, more and more stylist straight iron to curl.
4) straight hair apparatus according to the power supply is different, divided into straight iron cable and wireless rechargeable straight hair apparatus
Cable straight hair apparatus that is through the connected to the mains power supply work straight hair,

straight hair device with wireless charging is made by acharger to charge rechargeable battery, using the battery as a power supply.Cable straight hair device has the advantage of continuous work, the disadvantage is that if the straight iron production control is not reasonable design, there willbe potential safety hazard, and there is a power cord will not convenient in use, another is to go out not convenient to carry. The benefits of wireless straight hairdevice is safe, because is a tributary of the power supply, another is to travel, convenient to carry. But wireless is straight hair device faults per charge can onlywork after 30 minutes to an hour.
5) division can be divided into straight hair device according to size width plate, medium plate, skinny and miniature Wide plate straightening of the length of the straight board shall generally be 90 mm, width is 42 mm, medium plate straight board shall generally be 90 mm in length,the width of 24 mm, the length of the straight and narrow plate plate usually is 80-90 mm, width is 13-14 mm, miniature the length of the straight board generally is60 mm, width is 13-14 mm.
6) straight iron according to pull hair type, can be divided into normal and dry wet amphibious model. When ordinary straight iron in hair have to blow dry hair tostart to pull hair, can dry wet amphibious model with wet hair. Dry and wet dual-purpose straight and straight iron plate should have eight to 10 air hole, the water
can be turned into steam out the pores.

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