Electric foot polisher

Time:2018-08-14 10:50:21

The electric foot grinding device is a personal care appliance for plug-in work. It is a household electric pedicure tool for going to the ankle and thickening the armor.

The electric grinder looks like an electric shaver, but the grinding head of the electric grinder is more user-friendly. Generally, three grinding heads are arranged, in addition to the thick metal grinding head, there is also a metal mesh grinding head. The blade of the metal mesh is not too sharp. The special grinding head "eats hard and does not eat soft" does not damage normal skin during the process of grinding the ankle and thick armor.

The working principle of the electric grinder is generally to start the motor rotation through the variable voltage power supply, and drive the special grinding head to rotate, so as to safely grind the parts that need to be trimmed, and to achieve the purpose of trimming the ankle, thick skin and thick nails. Plug-in work, not only saves effort, but also controls the force, angle and speed, and the performance is relatively stable.

Compared with manual pedicure tools (foot stone, scraping knife, etc.), the electric foot grinding device has the following characteristics:

1. Do you need to soak your feet beforehand? The characteristics of the special grinding head of the electric grinding machine "eat hard and not eat soft" show that the foot can be peded with electric grinder, without having to soak the feet beforehand, and dry the foot pedicure. It saves a lot of inconveniences in the case that there is no way to soak your feet, or it takes time to soak your feet. Manual pedicure devices generally require foaming feet to soften the thick cuticles in advance, otherwise manual pedicure can't remove thick sputum, dead skin, dead meat, etc.;

2, whether it has a role in repairing thick nails: electric grinding machine, electric rotary grinding, strength and foot, not only on the foot of the old man, foot pad, dead meat, thick skin can achieve the desired effect. And the effect of thick nails and nails is also very good. The manual pedicure device is used to soften the stratum corneum in advance for the ankle, dead skin, and thick enamel. It is conceivable that there is no way to grind thick nails and gray nails.

3. Whether the effect of grinding the ankle can achieve the same ideal effect: the electric foot grinding device is electrically pedicure, and only the hand holding the machine is aligned with the grinding part to repair the grinding. The operation is simple, and the feet are smooth and smooth. Manual pedicure devices require self-control, too shallow to be effective, and too deep to be more susceptible to damage.

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