The role of electric clippers

Time:2018-08-14 10:51:28

The electric hair clipper is simply an "electric shear". It is the old partner of the hairdresser. The experienced hairdresser is very skilled in using the electric hair clipper. You can fix a shape under the three.

The main function of the electric clipper is to help the MM to treat the back neck and the horns after the haircut. The hair in these parts is usually thin and short. If the hand shear is not easy to handle, the electric clipper can put them. Clean up. The electric clipper has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, flexible operation, low labor, small vibration and low noise. It is an essential hairdressing tool for many hairdressers.

In addition, the electric clippers are generally composed of fixed push teeth, movable push teeth, adjustment handles, housings and electrical components housed in the housing, so it is basically powered, which replaces the time-consuming and labor-intensive manual hair cutting. Haircuts and hairdressing have become easier.

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