How to use electric clippers

Time:2018-08-14 10:55:24

Electric hair clippers are hairdressing tools that are often used in modern times. Many people have electric hair clippers at home, and they are giving haircuts to children and the elderly at home. There are also many people who are actively buying electric hair clippers in case they need it. Many people may come into contact with the hair clipper for the first time, and they don't know how to use the hair clipper. This article will introduce the use of electric hair clippers, I hope to help you.

First, the use of electric clippers

1. Apply 1-2 drops of white oil to the blade before using the electric clipper.

2, when the fuselage or blade parts are used, there will be some heat, which will not affect its performance.

3, electric clipper design requires intermittent use, the time is 10 minutes

4, push the switch forward to work, push backwards to stop working

5. If you make a slamming sound, adjust the screw to adjust outwards.

6. Due to the sharp edge, you need to use it carefully. If it is unfavorable, the hair will need to be replaced.

Second, the use of electric hair clippers

1. When the electromagnetic vibrating electric clipper emits large vibration and noise, loosen the ingot-shaped screws and it is expected to eliminate the malfunction. In addition, it is necessary to check the tightness of the blade screw, the screw is too loose, it is easy to generate vibration and noise, and there is a phenomenon that the hair cannot be cut. The screw is screwed too tight and it is not easy to tremble. The screws are tight and the electric clippers will return to normal. When the motor-type electric clipper makes a large vibration and noise, check whether the motor is reversed, check whether there is looseness between the hand and the rocker arm, and properly adjust to reduce vibration and noise.

2. If it is found that there are three white roads in the hair that has been rolled by the electric hair clipper, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments. For the electromagnetic vibrating electric clipper, just tighten the ingot-shaped screws. For motor-type electric clippers, the brushes on the brush holder can be pressed tight. Also, check if the pressure screw is too tight. If it is too tight, you should relax.

3, the time of each use should not be too long, and pay attention to the amount of knife used when using, so as not to burn the coil. When the temperature of the coil is too high, stop using it.

4. The blade on the electric clipper should be refueled frequently. Otherwise, the time will be long, and the upper and lower blades will be heated and will not vibrate.

5. Because the electric clipper is in direct contact with the human body, special attention should be paid to safety. For electric clippers with a rated voltage of 220V, a three-wire power cord must be used to connect the ground wire.

This article details the use of the electric clippers and how the electric clippers should be used. If you have a hair clipper in your home, then you'd better learn how to use the hair clipper. When using it, be sure to pay special attention to the precautions mentioned in this article.

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